How to Keep Your Moving Costs Low

At Key Moving, we understand that moving can be expensive, which is why we want to help you minimize moving costs. Moving can be an excited time and can also be complicated if you are moving to a location with higher rent or moving into a new job. Sometimes, moving is out of our control and takes a significant toll on our bank accounts. We have put together this guide to help our customers keep their moving costs low, safe, and reliable.

Throw a Yard Sale

Prior to moving, a yard sale is a great way to get rid of belongings and make a few dollars on the side. You can find the items that are in good condition that you are ready to get rid of so that you can usher in new items. The items that you don’t sell at your yard sale you can donate to a charity for a tax write-off. You can use the extra money you earn from your yard sale to invest in packing supplies, moving services, or even household items for your new home.

Use Second-Hand Packing Materials

If you are moving on a budget, then it is fairly easy to find free or reduced-price packing items. You can easily find boxes at local clothing stores, grocery stores, or other major merchandise facilities. Often times, your family and friends might have boxes around their house from their past moves. Don’t be afraid to ask around because people are generally more than willing to provide you with the materials you need to move. You can collect old newspapers to wrap your delicate items and plan out the packing to maximize space. Remember to label your boxes after packing them so that unpacking is quick and smooth.

Ask for Help

If you have hired movers from Key Moving, you may also benefit from help beforehand. Often times, friends and family are more than willing to help you pack your items and you can leave the heavy lifting to us! You can even set up a packing party at your house where you order pizza for your closest friends and family, while they help you pack and label your belongings. Make sure before hosting a packing party that you have a clear idea of your organizational system.

Save Your Spare Change

You can start saving early for your move by collecting your spare change from grocery shopping, lunches, dinners, and other purchases. If you start collecting your spare change ahead of time, then you increase the chances that you won’t be strapped for money during your move.

Our talented staff of movers, drivers and coordinators is trained to help you on the day of your move to make sure all your hard work has paid off. We offer affordable moving services that won’t break the bank and will live you happy and relaxed in your new home.