Top-Tier Moving Services

Key Moving Offers you exceptional moving services you can count on. We know how stressful it may be to plan or even contemplate a move. That’s why we are pleased to be able to offer you moving services that make the entire moving experience feel smooth and less stressful. We take care of your move from A to Z with precision, accuracy, skill and care, to minimize the chance of any issues coming up. If you are planning on moving within New York or New Jersey, or are planning on moving from New or New Jersey to another state in the USA or another country–call on us to get the job done right.

Alpine Movers

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International Moving

Moving New Jersey

Moving from New Jersey with the Local Experts If you are moving from New Jersey to another state or country, ...
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Moving New York

[grid_9] [box] Moving from New York with Key Moving Here at Key Moving, we are proud to have conducted thousands ...
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New Jersey Movers

[grid_9] [box] Moving New Jersey One Home/Business at a Time Key Moving is proud to employ outstanding local NJ moving ...
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Local Moving

[grid_9] [box] Local Moving Services by Key Moving Key Moving unlocks the perfect local moving experience for you! If you ...
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interstate moving

Interstate Moving

[grid_9] [box] Interstate Mover You Can Depend On Key Moving is pleased to bring you exceptional interstate moving services. We ...
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International Moving

International Moving That Takes You Far & High It can be quite daunting to plan an international move. What with ...
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office moving

Office Moving

[grid_9] [box] Office Moving Done Right Key Moving brings you an exceptional office moving services by taking care of all ...
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Library Moving

[grid_9] [box] Library Moving Services You Should Book Now Key Moving is proud to offer you exceptional library moving services ...
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Laboratory Moving

[grid_9] [box] Laboratory Moving Services That Yield Outstanding Results When it comes to laboratory moving, it’s key to hire the ...
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Moving Services Done Right

We offer our residential clients the following types of services:

  • Apartment/Condo Moving
  • Home Moving
  • In-House Moving

And we offer our commercial clients the following types of services:

  • Office Moving
  • Library Moving
  • Laboratory Moving

We are pleased to be able to offer you Special Moving Services, including:

  • Full Service Moving
  • Antique Moving
  • Piano Moving
  • Pool-Table Moving
  • Senior Citizen Moving

Ensure yourself the smoothest possible moving experience by hiring the experts at Key Moving and Storage. We go the extra mile to ensure that your assets are safe, and that all your items arrive on time at your new home or office. We know how important it is for you to get back to the regular rhythm of life as quickly as possible, and to minimize all hassles. That’s why we strive to deliver you the exceptional, high quality moving services you seek, without ever skipping a beat. Hire Key Moving, and you will be sure to have your expectations either met or exceeded. Call us now for an estimate and consultation.

The Key Moving Advantage

Key Moving and Storage is proud to bring you a number advantages. Our sole mission is to ensure your complete satisfaction, which is why we always go the extra miles to do all that can possibly be done for each client we serve. We want to treat you to an extraordinary moving experience. Thought moving was highly expensive and a drag? Think again! With Key Moving and Storage, you enjoy a smooth move at a price you will appreciate.

In fact, we offer you the following:

  • Skilled, certified and licensed movers.
  • Diligent and experienced moving managers.
  • Moving coordination with multiple points of contact.
  • Fresh and clean moving trucks.
  • Flexibility when it comes to planning your move.
  • Numerous resources at your disposal if needed.
  • Prompt and efficient moving services.
  • Additional relocation services offered–including packing and installation services.

If you want to ensure yourself an exceptional moving experience without breaking your wallet, then hire Key Moving for the job. Our skilled, licensed and insured movers, drivers and managers work around the clock to ensure that your needs are met and that you are 100% satisfied. To learn more about our moving services and how they can best serve you, please contact Key Moving and Storage today!


Moving Tips from Key Moving

Tips for Moving and Storing Fragile Items

We understand the importance of protecting fragile items, like glass, ceramics, and family heirlooms during the moving and storage process. We recommend that you separate and store your fragile items before moving or storage so that you can pack them individually. Often times, moving days can be busy and chaotic, which increases the likelihood of fragile items being damaged or even broken. Planning early by setting your fragile items aside will help to ensure their safety. Our team at Key Moving put this guide together to keep your belongings safe and secure. moving companies

Protecting Fragile Kitchenware and Collectibles

Often times, people are concerned about their kitchenware because it includes items like ceramic plates, glass cups, or even special cooking utensils. You can start to protect your kitchenware by coating each item in a layer of packing material, like bubble wrap, packing pellets, or foam. These substances help buffer the items from one another. Make sure that you place the heavier items at the bottom of your packing boxes to prevent against breakage and then place the lighter objects on top. You can pack delicate plates, bowls, and other serving items in newspaper and then cover that material in bubble wrap. There are specially designed kitchenware packing boxes that can help prevent against damage.

Securing Computers and Fragile Electronics

If you are putting electronics into storage then you want to make sure that you properly protect them from the elements. You can start by backing up all the files on your electronics before placing them in storage, so that you have a secure copy of the information. You should also keep the original boxes that your electronics came in or finding similar sized boxes to pack the items. For example, you can repack everything from computers, speakers, and televisions back into their original containers. Often times, the most complicated part of storing electronics is finding a place for the cords and wires. You can label the wires, cords, and other components to make reassembling easier when you take the items out of storage or unpack the boxes into your new place.

Storing Family Heirlooms and Large Household Items

Often times fragile or delicate furniture is passed on through the generations and needs to be moved to a new location or placed in storage. You can ensure the safety of your household items or family heirlooms by wrapping them in foam and other safe material. You want to label any boxes or items that are covered in protective material with fragile to make sure the movers are well aware of the contents.

Our moving and storage services at Key Moving are built to handle fragile items with care. We have extensive experience protecting fragile items during the moving and storage process.