4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe During Your Move

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming for you and your family members, even your pets. Your pets can become anxious, worried, or stressed because their daily patterns are interrupted and there is a significant amount of uncertainty in their lives. It will take time for your pets to become acclimated to their new environment; however, there are ways you can make the moving process more comfortable for yourself and your pets.

Contact Your Veterinarian

Moving to a new location often requires finding a new doctor for you and your loved ones, as well as locating a new veterinarian for your pets. You can make the moving process smoother by informing your veterinarian about your move and asking for records to be forwarded onto a new office or forwarded to your new address for safekeeping. If you are moving within a geographic area, your veterinarian may have suggestions for safe and affordable clinics in your new neighborhood. If your pet requires any medication make sure that you plan in advance to get a refill or stock up to make sure you have enough so it is one less item you have to worry about before the move.

Set-up a Game Plan

You can make your animals more comfortable during the moving process by creating an overnight bag that has food, bathroom supplies, toys, and grooming materials. These essential items will allow you to care for your pet and make sure they are comfortable during the move.

Create a Quiet Space

One of the most stressful parts of moving for your animals is coming into contact with the movers and the loud noises created by moving furniture and packing your belongings. Find a quiet space in your home where you pets can relax on the day of your big move. You can even leave them with one of your good friends or put them in a kennel to make sure they are comfortable. You want to also make sure that you check-in on them regularly, which means taking them for walks and making sure they have food and water.

Keep Your Best Friend at Your Side

Pets often do well when they are transported along with the family. Set aside room in your vehicle for your animal, either using a special carrier or by putting them in the back seat with blankets, food, and water. You can roll the car windows down so they can get fresh air and relax on your drive to your new home.

We understand that pets are often an important part of people’s families and we will do everything we can to support their comfort. We encourage you to think ahead in creating a space for them and a plan in case they are overwhelmed on the day of your big move.