Reliable_movers_road_SignYou found your new home and are ready to move on a budget. You look around and wonder how to find a good mover in New York City. But where do you begin? And what is a good moving company anyway? Now you are stressed with hundreds of moving company options in the Bronx, more choices than you can possibly digest.

You might be moving across town, around the corner or to a different state but you want trustworthy, reliable, skilled yet affordable moving services. Where can you find fair price moving? And what questions should you ask to make sure you chose dependable movers?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind. You should contact moving companies that have been in business for ten years or more. You should also get ready to ask for good references, accreditation details and understand that you are looking for a licensed and insured moving company. Also, ask for a free onsite quote of your goods. Honest moving companies will dispatch a relocation rep to your home to assess your belongings and provide you with an estimate. You may want to ask about the different pricing options and reliable delivery dates. If you are moving out of state, you should inquire about storage options and the safety of your things while they are in transit.
Here is the good news… there are reliable movers in New York City that offer moving on a budget. Started in 2003, KEY Moving & Storage is a family owned and family run moving company that prides itself on excellence in moving and storage services and great ratings with the BBB. Located centrally in the Bronx, KEY Moving has both NY and NJ moving licenses and is considered an expert relocation provider and an appraised moving company.

State-of-the-art equipment, new trucks, and a secure storage warehouse are only the minor details of what makes KEY Moving good movers. KEY Moving’s greatest asset is the skilled workers who show up every day to make sure your move is smooth and pleasant.


The smart office team combines over thirty years of relocation expertise to create an honest, efficient, cost conscious move. The dedicated crews pride themselves on being polite and professional, honest and fair movers.

At KEY Moving, the customer always comes first. Perhaps you want a full service mover to come in and pack up your entire household. Or maybe you are looking for a partial packing job. Or you might just want some unique packing options. Or you may need to bounce around ideas for delivery dates and storage space. Or perhaps you have challenges with your building or driveway or staircase. Or you might just be nervous about the packing of that glass table or that family heirloom. How about the artwork or the kids’ toys? KEY Moving will help you custom-tailor you move from scratch, based on your specific moving needs. From start to finish, your needs are the priority and that is why KEY Moving has so much repeat business, a great name in the industry and high scores with the BBB.

You may be looking for sustainable movers. Great. KEY is conscious about lowering their carbon footprint by having energy efficient trucks and drivers who are trained to operate at low gas intake levels. Digital options are used as much as possible instead of paper and the packing supplies are now eco friendly. Maybe you are interested in working with a socially conscious moving company. That’s KEY too. KEY Moving is a decent moving company that proudly sponsors Catskill Animal Sanctuary and donates time and money to a worthy cause. This honest moving company also offers discounts to senior citizens as well as the military and has a unique friends and family program.

You may be looking for cheap movers because you have a small move. Or you may be looking for cheap movers because you are moving on a tight budget. Because KEY Moving is a small company, they are able be pay attention to the tiny details with little overhead. This gives you not only great value for your money, but also personal attention during every step of the moving process. In short, KEY Moving is able to offer you a cheap move at a high value.

Key Moving prides itself on that family-feel spirit they offer to their own clients. Indeed KEY is a family owned and run moving company, and although they have grown and continue to grow a great deal, they never forsake their original values and core nature. It’s vital for them to keep that family feel — it’s what unites their employees and what adds that special spark to their clients’ moves. Hard work, skill, teamwork, and passion for their work has launched KEY to the top of their sector. Today, KEY’s client pool is growing, as more and more people and businesses are choosing them for their local and long distance moves.

KEY Moving & Storage can offer you a move on a budget at the highest value and standard amongst all of the top moving companies in New York City. KEY Moving is an honest moving company in the Bronx, a reliable moving company with a strong name and solid credentials plus high value at low cost moving rates. From the first phone call, to your free on-site estimate, from the professional packing services to the storage options and the delivery, you have an expert manager guiding you step by step through the process in its entirety.

In short, KEY Moving is a leading moving company in New York City that prides itself on its complete dedication to each and every customer. They enjoy what they do and gladly work around the clock to make sure that your needs are fully met or surpassed. They train employees to ensure delivery of not just your goods but of the superb results that you seek. Near, far … no matter where life takes you next, KEY Moving will get you there.