International Moving That Takes You Far & High

It can be quite daunting to plan an international move. What with foreign laws to wade through, numerous errands to run

International Moving
International Moving

prior to the move, serious packing to compete and so on, it can be a huge project. If you are planning on moving yourself, your family or your company abroad, then let us coordinate the logistics. Our qualified team has the experience, equipment, and network you need for a truly successful international move. Please get in touch with us today to get an estimate on your international move and to learn more about our services.

Key Moving Takes You Abroad

We are proud to have conducted numerous international moves for folks and businesses moving from New York and New Jersey to foreign destinations. We can orchestrate an international move of any scale, as we have the resources and the know-hows to get it done right. Our team carefully packs, crates and ships your valuables such that they arrive perfectly intact and ready to be used in your new home country. Whether you are looking to ship pianos, fine art, laboratory equipment, furniture or anything else, call on us to handle it with the high degree of professionalism you seek.

A Global Leader in International Moving

We understand how stressful it may be to ship your goods across thousands of miles. The best way to reduce this stress and to really enjoy a smooth international moving experience is by hiring an expert, well connected, and well-endowed moving firm like Key Moving. We are proud to offer you the packing supplies/services, storage facilities, moving equipment, and knowledgeable staff you need for a successful move. So, while we can’t teach you to speak French, Spanish or Chinese fluently, we can make sure that all your possessions arrive safely in your new home country! Please get in touch with us now for a free estimate and to learn more about our international moving services.

The Key Reasons to Choose Us for Your International Move

More and more companies and individuals these days are turning to Key Moving and Storage to carry out all of their international moving needs. And it’s no surprise that this is indeed the case, as we offer clients the following advantages:

  • Outstanding international moving coordination with numerous points of contact and a close network of partners in multiple countries.
  • Numerous, highly secure and impeccably clean storage facilities available for you both during and beyond the relocation period.
  • Courteous and friendly staff that will promptly respond to your requests.
  • The most advanced moving equipment on the market.
  • Impressive track record on international moves.
  • Competitive rates; flexible payment packages and pricing bundles.

Get your international move off to a great start by hiring a leader in the international moving sector. Key Moving and Storage will go the distance to insure that your every need is addressed and that your expectations are met or even exceeded. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now to learn more and to receive a zero-obligation quote.