Piano Moving – Things to Know [Infographic]

Over the decades, pianos have been fascinating music lovers from all over the world. Piano enthusiasts never travel or move without their precious musical instruments. If you happen to be one those piano enthusiasts who are planning to move to a different location then do not make any hasty decision in terms of moving your piano.

A piano weighs nearly 1,000 pounds and piano moving requires moving of its accessories such as pedals, wires, keys and others, which is simply not a job of a single individual. The best advice is to hire professional movers who would take the responsibility of moving your instrument without causing any damage to it and ensuring you a stress-free move all together.

Whether you have and Upright piano, Studio piano, Console piano, or Spinet piano, moving of a piano would always cause you trouble if tried to do it alone. So, do not give a second thought and make a smarter move with your piano.
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