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Key Moving explains how professional storage services can really come to the rescue in various scenarios. Read on to learn more about the storage solutions available at your fingertips.


Storage services, such as those offered by Key Moving and Storage, offer you a fantastic solution in various circumstances. Here, Key Moving explains just how helpful professional storage solutions are. With affordable and secure storage, you can sit back and relax at last, without stressing about the wellbeing of your belongings.

  • Mobile Storage: This type of storage is great when you’re moving, and want to have all your stored items delivered to you at your convenience. Mobile storage allows you to unpack your things at your own pace.
  • Storage in Transit: Storage in transit is great for those moving and interested in storing items short term while they navigate between homes. With short term storage, items can be delivered directly to you new home when you’re ready for move in.
  • Long Term Storage: Long term storage is great for those who may want to declutter or set aside seasonal items or items they wish to use a few years down the line. Secure long term storage facilities protect assets against fire, theft, flood, mold, mildew and more.
  • Short Term Storage: Short term storage is great for those moving, renovating their home, in between apartments, traveling, or recovering from a crisis, like a flood or fire. With short term storage, folks can keep their items safe without worry.
  • Document Storage: Document storage services are great in particular for businesses that need to organize and store various critical documents. Rather than waste money on rent, they can outsource organizing and storage responsibilities to storage providers.

Key Moving and Storage is pleased to offer folks outstanding storage solutions at competitive rates. Those going through a transitional phase, or those looking to find a more long term home for their belongings are invited to learn more about Key Moving’s stellar storage solutions. Contact Key Moving and Storage to learn more about storage solutions.

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