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What makes a fantastic piano mover so special? Below Key Moving and Storage Discusses the matter. Read on to learn more.


Key Moving and Storage has been in the business of moving for years, and has built up a reputation associated with great skill and professionalism. The team at Key Moving and Storage is well known for, among other things, its exceptional piano moving services. But just what makes piano moving so special? Key Moving, the leading authority on all things moving and storage, shares a few insights on piano moving.

Piano moving is a bit of an artform in it of itself. That’s how the professionals at Key Moving see it. A piano, given its sensitivities, vulnerabilities, weight, heft and value, is no each piece to move. Moving a piano gets even more challenging when we’re talking tight corners, staircases and corridors. But the skilled movers at Key Moving have refined and perfected the piano moving process, and know how to deliver a top quality piano move. The team at Key Moving knows how to keep both the piano and its surroundings (walls, ceilings, floors and so on) protected at every given point of the move. The team ensures that the piano remains tunes and untouched upon delivery at its new home.

Piano moving is no task to leave to just anyone. Piano moving is a tricky business which should be entrusted to the leading professionals, like the folks at Key Moving. A piano is unlike any other piece in your home, and it take a great deal of prior knowledge and expertise to carry out a successful piano move. You don’t want to risk scratching, bruising or damaging the internal parts of your piano with a lousy mover. It’s key to hire the ultimate moving professionals for your piano move: Key Moving.

Piano moving is a special business, and every phase of the piano relocation process must be carefully thought through and skillfully carried out. Key Moving proudly executes piano moves for studios, private owner, retailers and music halls, and can handle every piano–be it a grand piano or an antique piano–with the highest degree of professionalism, skill and respect. Learn more about piano moving from Key Moving, and call the professionals at Key Moving for any question, concerns and to get a quote.

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