Planning Ahead for Your Move


Congratulations. You are moving to a new home, and now is the perfect opportunity to organize your life. Looking around your home, you may want to make different decorating choices or downsize altogether. Since there are a lot of movimagesS0HJLXAFing parts to a move, the key to a successful move is proper preparation. There are many details to consider when moving and many of these can be done several months prior to your moving day. The more you get done ahead of time, the more efficient and stress-free your move will be. It’s true…the early bird does catch the worm, and KEY Moving has prepared a few simple tips to keep you ahead of the curve.


Choosing a Mover

There are hundreds of moving companies in your area, and you want to make sure that you not only find a reputable company but also one that can meet your specific needs. Every move is unique, so the more information images[1]you can provide a moving company when you call, the more likely it is that your price quote and move itself will meet your expectations. Make sure the moving company you select is licensed, insured and is registered with The Department of Transportation. Make sure you check their rating with The Better Business Bureau and ask for a number of references. Do your homework and provide as much information about your specific building, your furniture, boxes, fragile items, kids toys, etc. The more details you can offer a moving company, the better you will know what your actual moving costs will be. Also, ask if it’s possible to have a free on-site estimate.


Prepare a Floor Plan

The actual delivery of your shipment is usually a fast-paced process and you want to be as organized as possible when the movers arrive with y2nd-floor-standard-unit-930x484[1]our stuff. In addition to labeling all of your boxes (with the exact room location you would like them placed in), you will also want to provide a floor plan for the movers at the delivery. This is important as it can not only save on the time of the delivery but can also eliminate hassle down the line. A floor plan insures that your furniture and boxes go exactly in the rooms and places you want them.


Gather Up Those Moving Boxes
Moving boxes are expensive, especially the ones that you may buy from a moving company on the day of the move. This is because moving companies use top-quality corrugated boxes with reinforced edges. They also have the company logo on them which makes them more expensive as well. Now, you may not need all of that. Check with your local stores or at a Costco and collect boxes that you think might be useful as you pack. Remember that boxes that can be taped closed are the best ones since you will be putting your belongings onto label-moving-boxes[1]a moving truck…and boxes are stacked Inside moving trucks. Also, if you have specialty items like mirrors or other delicate items, you may want to order boxes online ahead of time. Also, ask your moving company if you can rent their boxes instead of buying them, especially in a one-day move. However, if you do have delicate or fragile items such as TVs or mirrors, the best box to use is the one it came in. If you no longer have that box, mention this to the moving company ahead of time so that they can quote you on the potential cost of boxing those items for you on the day of the move. Most moving companies will not take delicate or fragile items onto their truck unless they are properly boxed, so the more prepared you can be in this area, the better.


Downsize Your Life
Moving is the perfect opportunity to take stock of your home. There are many items that you may no longer need or use. Designate a few boxes in your home that you can toss those items into for donation. If you don’t use them now, you will not use them later in your new home. Purging is not only therapeutic but also helps bring down moving costs. Why move items you do not even currently use?


Yard Sale-ing Away
Yard sales can bring in quite a nice bundle of cash to put towards your move. If you have electronics, furniture, clothing, toys, aimagesZCGUCYQHppliances or even dishes, there are people always on the look-out for those things. Once person’s garbage is another’s treasure, so set aside a weekend and put up a few signs. Whatever is left, you can certainly donate.


Plan Your Menu
Chances are that packing will take up to several weeks. In the process you will be throwing out perishables and eliminating items from all of your closets, including your pantry. This is a good time to plan ahead by preparing and freezing meals to feed your family during the rush of the move. Eating out and ordering in gets tiresome and expensive. It’s always nice and easy to eat a home-cooked meal during a chaotic time. Therefore, keeping your family’s favorite dishes in the freezer is a reliable, tasty and cost-efficient option.



Arrange Your Travel
 If you are flying to your new home, try to book early. If you are driving, map out your trip and remember to make hotel reservations in advance. If traveling with a petimagesEF8JSIVJ, research pet-friendly hotels. If traveling with kids, try to arrange a fun family pit-stop to break up the relocation process and make some long-lasting memories.