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Enjoy outstanding storage services that grant you the degree of security and convenience you seek at competitive rates. Here

Key Moving Truck in New York
Key Moving Truck in New York

at Key Moving and Storage, we strive to provide you with the best storage services on the market, and to meet your every need. Please get in touch with us now for a quote and to learn more about our storage services.

Security and Convenience Are Key When It Comes to Storage

When you’re looking to store precious heirlooms, mission critical equipment, company documents, expensive furniture or any other items, it’s key to go with a reputable storage company that can deliver you the ultra high quality storage services you need. With our secure, impeccably clean and spacious storage facilities, you can be certain that your items will be kept safe and organized when you store them with us.

Self Storage Bronx –  Keep Your Assets and Valuables Safe

We offer you the following storage plans:

All of our storage facilities are secured with advanced surveillance systems, and a team of trained professionals keeps watch over the premises 24-7. Each storage unit is locked with ultra high grade locks, and is kept perfectly clean and sanitary. You can choose to store sensitive items–like artwork, documents, electronics and instruments–in climate controlled storage spaces to protect them from mold or mildew. We are proud to have developed fantastics relationships with our customers, who continue to reach out to us whenever they are in need of storage. Contact us now to learn more about our storage services, and to receive a free quote and consultation.

Key Moving for All Your Storage Needs

When your valuable assets are at stake, then it’s important to not compromise on quality, but, rather, to hire the most proficient and professional storage company. Key Moving proudly offers folks and businesses unbeatable storage services that adhere to the highest standards of quality. There are numerous advantages that Key Moving offers you when it comes to storage:

  • Advanced security systems in place for your protection.
  • All staff member undergo extensive training and background checks.
  • Competitive rates and flexible rental options.
  • Impeccably clean and spacious storage spaces.
  • Climate control options available.
  • Professional, courteous and helpful staff.
  • Storage facilities are conveniently located throughout New Jersey and New York.
  • Powerful technology in place to sort and keep track of your items.
  • Items in storage can easily and quickly be accessed.

Enjoy top-tier storage services by Key Moving and Storage. We keep your property securely stowed away for as long as little time as you need. We also offer you flexible rental contracts, and the ultimate level of convenience and accessibility. Enjoy the very best in storage services; contact us now to learn more and to receive a quote.

Storage Tips from Key Moving


At Key Moving, we want make sure your belongings are safe, secure, and in good condition while they are in one of our storage units. Packing your belongings appropriately is one of the best ways to make sure your items stay in great condition. Often times, people put things into a storage unit without thinking about the impacts of climate and moisture. These storage tips will help you protect your belongings so that they are in the same condition as you left them.

Use Plastic Boxes

One of the best ways to make sure your items will be in good condition upon your return is to store them in plastic boxes. Although cardboard boxes are easy to get, plastic boxes keep out moisture, dirt, and other residue. You may not want to use the boxes from your last move or the nearest grocery store because they may have structural damage that will impact your belongings. Plastic storage boxes are easily stackable and a great way to invest in protecting your belongings.

Use Wood Storage Pallets

Storage units are a great solution for moving or storing overflow items; however, you want to make sure you protect your belongings as best as you can from environmental elements. It is a great idea to put wood pallets down before placing your items in a storage unit because they protect against the dirty and residue on the ground, as well as environmental factors like heavy rains or floods. The wooden pallets will also improve circulation in your storage unit to prevent stagnant air and molding.

Breathable Furniture Covers

If you are storing furniture or fabric items in your storage unit then you want to find a breathable cover that will protect the fabric from dirt and moisture, while also allowing air to reach its surface. Some people prefer vinyl or cotton covers to keep away dirt and debris. You may also want to check your furniture items a couple times a year to make sure your cover is doing the job!

Organize Your Self-Storage Unit

Organizing your storage items is just as important as protecting them using plastic boxes, wooden storage pallets, and breathable furniture covers. Make sure that you take time to layout your preferred way of packing your items into a storage unit. If you are trying to fit a large amount of items in a small space this will help you save time and prevent you from having to rent a larger storage unit. Before storing any items, make sure that you clearly label box contents and put the ones that you believe you will need sooner rather than later at the front of the storage unit. Once you have labeled your boxes, place the heavier ones on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. It’s often a good idea to place large items, or ones that you won’t need frequent access to, at the back of your storage unit.

Creating the right storage plan is an important part of keeping your belongings in good condition while you are storing with us at Key Moving in Bronx, NY.  If you are unsure about other self-store best practices feel free to call us today!